what do I look for in this FREE mini brand audit?

step one

visual branding

I will evaluate the visual aspects of your current brand including  but not limited to your logo, brand colors, typography, and its consistency across platforms.

step two

Brand Messaging

I will assesses how well your brand is communicating with your intended audience on social media and your website copy.

step three

Website Evaluation

And finally I will examine your website and see if you are providing a clear journey to booking ALL of your services OR it is just a hot mess.

step four

action steps

And finally I am going to Identify your brand’s top strength, as well as providing you the top 3 action steps you can take to improve your brand right away.

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You are probably wondering who "I" am...

hey i’m alicia,

but you can call me Ally!

I’m a Brand and Web Designer for Photographers who want brand clarity and to create and instant connection and attract loyal clients.

The clients I work with are multi-faceted (offering multiple services, education, speaking, etc.) and struggle to know if their brands are clear to every audience they speak to and not confusing their established clients. If you know you need to make some tweaks to your brand, website, and online presence so that your audience understands each aspect of your multi-faceted brand so that it converts - then I'm your girl!

With my 15+ years of professional design experience, I’m ready to help you build a brand and website that you love, your dream clients flock to, and most importantly converts.